Zhang Rui, Chairman of the Group, went to China Coal Geology Bureau to discuss the major project cooperation exchange

On November 22, 2018, Zhang Rui, Chairman of the Group, visited Beijing to visit the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of China Coal Geology Bureau.
Deputy Director Ren Hui, the two sides held an exchange discussion on the cooperation of mineral resources projects in Wulanchabu City, China Coal Geology
Lin Zhongxiang, the chairman of the group, and Song Zongwei, the deputy general manager, accompanied the panel. At the meeting, Deputy Director Ren Hui pointed out that Ulancha
The city is rich in mineral resources and has a superior regional location. The China Coal Geology Bureau has been in contact with the Wulanchabu Municipal Government in September.
On the 14th, signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and comprehensive cooperation on mineral resources such as ferrous metals, fluorite and graphite.
China Coal Geology Group plans to jointly develop projects with Inner Mongolia Jincai Group. Chairman Zhang Rui at the meeting
It means that the two sides will each play their own advantages and cooperate with each other in the development of green mining to protect the green mountains.
The idea of ​​striving to transform local resource advantages into economic value and social value as soon as possible
Economic sustainability provides assistance.

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