Kincaid leadership visits the Yunnan Nonferrous Metals Bureau for Research and Discussion

On December 25, 2018, Zhang Rui, Chairman, Bai Yan, CEO, and Ji Hongbo, Director of the Southwest visited the Yunnan Nonferrous Geology Bureau for research and discussion. Yin Liang, Deputy Director and Chief Engineer of Yunnan Nonferrous Metals Bureau, Director of the Bureau of Foreign Cooperation, and Deputy General Manager of Southwest Kunming Survey and Design (Institution) Co. were also present.

The Yunnan Nonferrous Metals Bureau was established in July 1953 and currently houses various programs such as geological, geophysical, geochemical, pit exploration, drilling, mining, mineral processing, laboratory testing, hydraulic ring evaluation, geological disaster management, surveying and mapping, and remote sensing. Equipped with a full range of professional technical team and advanced production equipment, the Bureau maintains expertise in engineering survey and design, geotechnical construction, environmental management, and soil and water conservation program preparation. It holds all kinds of A-level qualifications, seventeen B-level qualifications and nine C-level qualifications and is engaged in both domestic and foreign nonferrous development work.

Currently, the Bureau operates 76 science and technology projects and conducts risk prospecting and exploration in nickel, iron and gold for domestic and foreign enterprsies in Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia, the Phillipines and over 11 countries. In these regions, three large mineral reserves, three medium nickel deposits, three small iron deposit and 1 small gold deposit where the prospecting results show more than 5 million tons of nickel, 280,000 tons of cobalt, more than 500 million tons of iron ore.

A consensus was reached where the two sides will continue to communicate, leverage each other’s competitive advantage, and establish stable long-term strategic partnerships in Yunnan and Southeast Asia.

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