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The Inner Mongolia Kincaid Industrial Group Co., Ltd. realized collectivize management in 2005. After over decade of development, it has shifted itself into a large-scale internationalized mining group that takes resource exploration and development as main business and achieves the synergetic development of multiple industries such as science and technology, finance, environmental protection and agriculture.

Kincaid Group adhering to the path of innovation and development, always taken “internationalization of resources, extending the projects to large-scale and capital securitization” as its core concept, and apply itself to create an international mining group equipped with efficient high-tech and to make contribution to world economic growth by providing high-quality raw materials.

Major Industrial Sectors


New Energy




Strategic Partners

The group pursues win-win cooperation, and make technical exchanges with China Geological Survey, Shanghai Institute of Microsystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University and other scientific research institutes to achieve complementary advantages; It has jointly established cooperation platforms with industry leading enterprises such as China National Coal Group, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp, Inner Mongolia Mining Group, and China Orient Asset Management Co., Ltd, and jointly created a number of major projects with international competitiveness and industry milestone significance.

In-depth Development in Myanmar

Myanmar and China are friendly neighbors to each other. The friendship lasts for thousands of years, and bilateral cooperation continues to deepen. Myanmar’s mineral resources are extremely rich and the investment environment is constantly being optimized. It is a key country for the overseas investment of Kincaid Group. In Myanmar, Kincaid Group is committed to long-term and sustainable strategic development, and continuously contributes its rich technology and experience in the development of mineral resources, environmental protection, and agriculture, and makes pragmatic contributions to related industries such as resources and the overall economic and social development of Myanmar. 
Since entering into Myanmar, Kincaid Group has actively maintained communication with relevant government departments such as the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Myanmar, and strictly complied with relevant laws and regulations; we continuously promoted interactive development with the government and community where the project is located and continued to invest in the community by making donations.
Kincaid Group has 7 offices in Myanmar, including Naypyidaw, Yangon, Mandalay, Taunggyi, Tuva, Gao Lin, etc., with a total of more than 150 employees, including 45 senior geological engineers stationed in China and Myanmar nationals. With more than 60 employees, it is one of the mining professional companies with the highest professional level and the top professional talents in Myanmar.
Since 2018, Kincaid Group has submitted a number of large-scale prospecting applications to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Myanmar, which is progressing positively. The Group has signed more than eight cooperative exploration projects and these projects have developed rapidly. Foreseeable in the next few years, the resource exploration area of ​​Kincaid Group in Myanmar will exceed 1,000 square kilometers, and the investment amount will exceed millions of dollars, which will make a significant contribution to the new discovery of Myanmar’s mineral resources.

Talent & Team

Kincaid Group boasts its numerous talents, including over 170 experts and technicians for resources and scientific research, and half of them have master’s degrees or above. Some have won the Li Siguang Geological Science Award and are entitled to a special allowance from the State Council. This team has overcome barriers and difficulties in China, Canada, Myanmar, South Africa, Australia, Mongolia, Russia, and Congo, achieving major accomplishments in a series of projects. The cumulative exploration reserve of gold is 655.03 tons, that of silver is 8,917 tons, that of copper 18.57 million tons and 2.596 million tons lead and zinc.

The science and technology unit has solicited more than 50 scientific researchers, including academicians, post-doctors, PhDs and masters. 5 are professor-level doctoral supervisors, 17 are senior engineers, and some have been rewarded “Grassland Talent” in the autonomous region. Meanwhile, Kincaid Group has cooperated with Nobel laureates, the Tsinghua University, Inner Mongolia University, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, and Inner Mongolia Agricultural University to build a joint laboratory and establish a number of scientific research teams.

Our leader

Mr. Zhang Rui


A word from the Chairman

Kincaid being a rapid growing company, strive to be an innovative, entrepreneurial visionary In the past decade, it continues to improve existing technologies and scientific methods in order to constantly progress to be comprehensive, competitive and adaptive.

Kincaid Industrial Group sets out clear objectives and foundational business philosophy to inspire a strong technical force, development of advanced equipment and facilities so it continues to delight its customers with excellent product quality. Kincaid Industrial group understands long-term values and supports scientific research and entrepreneurial business practices. Because of its beliefs, it leads the world to be a graphite powerhouse, and in resource investment and new energy sector, It continues to bear its social responsibility by integrating profitability with environmental protection.

In this modern era, Kincaid decides to challenge the environmental problems with  greater conviction by proactively seeking advantages of ecological resources and scientific and technological innovation that inspires a new generation of scientific discoveries. 

Kincaid promises to be a positive and sustainable company to our community.


Fueled by our dedication to excellence, we are on an entrepreneurial journey to fully live into our mission. Loyalty, harmony and happiness are instilled in our culture.
We see each employee as family, and this workplace as home.
We attract and retain a diverse group of talents because collaboration is key.