Assistant General Manager of the Resource New Materials Section


1. Ability to independently prepare project proposals, feasibility studies and other related documents.
2. Familiar with technical and economic analysis and research work.
3. Ability to independently prepare work plans and project development plans for science and technology projects.
4. Familiar with the relevant work process in the early stage of the project.
5. Complete other related tasks assigned by the general manager.


1. Bachelor degree or above in heat treatment of inorganic non-metallic materials or metal materials.
2. It can judge the technical development trend and industrialization direction of various sub-fields of graphite deep processing.
3. It can judge the development direction and industrialization trend of metal and non-metal composite materials technology, especially natural graphite deep processing and graphite-based composite material technology and industrial development.
4, able to read English scientific and technical literature, strong learning ability, keen observation, able to adapt to frequent business trips.