Chahanmuhulu Graphite Mine

an instance of kincaid mining PRactice

Extracting resource from a location requires thoughtful consideration beyond economic benefit, but more so we have to respect and account for environmental, and socio-political implication around a site. 

1. Geography and Municipal Affiliation

The Alxa Zuoqi Chahanmu Hulu Graphite Mining Area is located at 10° northeast of the Alashan Zuoqi, about 150 km away from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region The administrative division is under the jurisdiction of the Alxa Zuoqi Banner.

The mining area is 7.5km away from the Prague International Bonded Logistics Park with Linze Railway and the Jingxin Expressway (G7) passing through the middle of the mining area and the logistics park.

Longitude: 105°58′26′′—106°00′26′′North Latitude: 40°29′16′′—40°32′01′′

Project Commencement and Investment

The project began construction in March 2018. The total investment is estimated to be 777 million yuan, which comprise of construction investment of 756 million yuan, construction period interest of 128 million yuan, and initial working capital of 13 million yuan.

Investment Sum
$ 0

Environment and Geography
The mining area is located in the recharge area of the regional hydrogeological unit, which belongs to the middle and low mountainous areas. The terrain is generally high in the north and low in the south. No surface water bodies were found around the mining area. In the rainy season, there was a brief flood in the valleys, the water flow was not large, and the duration was short.

Mountain and Elevation
The area is located in the western part of Langshan Mountain. The mountain is distributed in the east-west direction. It is high in the north, low in the south, low in the north, and low in the south. The elevation is 1585m, the lowest is 1387m, and the maximum relative height difference is 198m. The overall terrain is higher. Slow, the slope is about 20 °, the base rock of the mountain is bare, basically no topsoil, vegetation, etc., and the gully is not developed.

Socio-economic Setting

There are few residents in the mining area, which are Mongolian, Han and Hui mixed areas, mainly for animal husbandry. In the southeastern part of the mining area, there are many residents in the piedmont river plain area, mainly based on agriculture, and the labor force is sufficient. The industry has only a part of mining and mining. The production and living materials of the mining area need to be transported from outside the district.

Alxa League is located at the intersection of Hubaoyin Economic Belt and Bohailan New Economic Belt. It is adjacent to many cities in Ningxia and Gansu, bordering Mongolia and has a special geographical position. It is an important node of the North Channel of the New Silk Road. The Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee emphasized that it is necessary to speed up the interconnection and interconnection of neighboring countries and regional infrastructure, promote the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Maritime Silk Road, and form a new pattern of all-round opening. In this context, the construction of the Lun Prad International Logistics Park and the Chahanmuhulu Graphite Mine will give full play to the advantages of the Alashan League along the border and the port, crack the bottleneck of “difficulties” and open up the international logistics channel of China, Mongolia and Russia and the west. The frontier logistics channel plays an important pivotal role

Environmental Assessment and Protection

The main pollutants produced in this project are dust, waste gas, waste water, solid waste and noise.This design strictly implements relevant national environmental protection regulations, adopts advanced production technology and equipment, and minimizes the harm of various pollutants.

Proactive Greening

Greening has a special role in preventing pollution, protecting and improving the environment. It has better functions of temperature regulation, humidity control, vacuuming, climate improvement, air purification and noise reduction. Vigorously carrying out greening and afforestation has certain significance for protecting the environment, improving working conditions, enhancing staff health and improving work efficiency.

Designed to plant trees and grow grass on both sides of the road and around the buildings, to build garden-style industrial areas

Risk Factors
Area of Concerns
Air Particles
Dust is a serious occupational hazard factor in the mining industry. Because the dust particles are fine, it is easy to be inhaled into the lungs. Once the solid particles are inhaled by the human body, they will adhere to the surface of the alveoli and cannot be excreted through metabolism, gradually making the alveolar fibrosis. And eventually form silicosis. Severe people have difficulty breathing and can’t even rest normally, causing irreparable damage to the patient’s body and mind. In addition, because the pathogenesis of silicosis is complicated, once the disease is generally not cured, it will bring a large economic burden to enterprises and society. At present, 70% of the world’s silicosis patients in China, the number of deaths from silicosis in mines in China far exceeds the number of deaths due to work. The crushing and screening equipment and the belt transporting equipment generate a large amount of dust during the operation. In general, the dust content generated by the crushing operation and the screening operation is 5-20mg/m3, which is extremely harmful to the staff and affects the surrounding environment.
In the design, in order to reduce the spread of mineral dust in the air, the ore is humidified as much as possible, and the dust is removed at the discharge port of the crusher, the vibrating screen, the discharge port and the discharge port of the belt conveyor. The amount of spray water is 2% to 3% of the ore. In order to reduce the dust generated during the transportation of ore, the ground is washed once per shift; the dust-collecting hood of the crusher and vibrating screen is dust-proof and sealed, and the dust is removed in the area. The effective dust-removing equipment is used, and the purified air is discharged to the atmosphere. Through the above measures, the dust concentration of the production plant and the working place is controlled to be less than 1mg/m3 of the national standard limit, and the outdoor concentration is controlled within 100mg/m3.
Exhaust Gas
The exhaust gas generated by the preparation of the medicament is inhaled by the human body and will cause harm to the human body.
In the design of the chemical preparation plant, an axial flow fan is arranged on the roof, and the exhaust gas generated by the preparation of the medicament is also discharged into the room in time.
Waste water
Although the wastewater in the beneficiation production of this project is non-toxic, if it is directly discharged into the environment, it will invade the groundwater and the soil will cause certain harm to the environment.
The wastewater generated in the production mainly has overflowing from the concentration operation, and all of them enter the production pool and return to production and recycling.
Waste Residue
The tailings discharged from the ore dressing plant is one of the main pollutants of the mining enterprise, and if it is directly discharged, it will pollute the environment.
The wastewater generated in the production mainly has overflowing from the concentration operation, and all of them enter the production pool and return to production and recycling.
The harm of noise to people is multifaceted. Noise can be deaf and can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, neurosis and other diseases. Noise also pollutes the environment, affecting people’s normal life and production activities. Particularly strong noise can also damage buildings and affect the normal operation of equipment. The main process plants in the new mining plant of the mining area include: coarse crushing plant, medium and fine crushing plant, screening plant, grinding and floating plant, etc. The main equipments for generating noise are: jaw crusher, cone crusher, ball mill, blower, and noise level. Above 85dB(A).
In addition to the equipment foundation for shock absorption treatment, the design also adopts a muffler for high-noise equipment, and installs sound-absorbing materials and other facilities in the workshop to make the noise level below 85dB(A), which greatly reduces the noise. Pollution. In the general layout, the production plant is far away from the living area to ensure that the noise at the boundary of the plant meets the requirements of Class II standards in the Noise Standard for Industrial Enterprises Boundary