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Kincaid Industrial Group has 9 resources and new materials companies, 2 new energy companies, 4 financial institutions, 1 environmental protection enterprise and 1 agriculture and vegetarian food company. It has become a leading group in 7 industry sectors including resources, science and technology, finance, agriculture and vegetarian food, new energy, environmental protection and credit.
Controlling the core resources and industrial lifelines
It has 2 world-class high-quality graphite resources, 1 national large-scale gold mine, 1 large-scale nonferrous metal base, 2 fluorite strategic-resource bases, 28 mining rights and 2,000 square kilometers of centralized exploration area. It has been conferred the “National Top 10 Geological Prospecting Achievement Award”.
Mastering the core science and technology to win the future fields
  1. R & D patents: It has mastered a large number of core technologies including graphene preparation and owned the invention patents on graphene heating membrane technology and other aspects.
  2. Scientific research institutions: It has set up its Graphene Application and Energy Storage Technology Research Center and joint in China Energine Energy Storage and Technology Research Center.

Perfecting the financial layout and seizing the industry opportunities

  1. Capitalization of resources: It is laying out the industrial financial platforms including the resource industry funds, science and technology industry funds, trade in bulk minerals, quantitative hedging of bulk commodities and etc.
  2. Three-dimensional financial sector: It is promoting the Internet finance, financial science and technology, supply chain finance, banking, insurance, fund and other businesses.

Introducing the professionals and building an elite team

  1. It has formed an elite team composed of highly educated doctors and masters from universities and colleges under Project 985 and Project 211, who have more than 20 years of professional experience in the core fields including resources, technology, finance, etc.
  2. Kincaid Industrial Group focuses on integrating and coordinating the industrial resources and establishing the resource sharing mechanisms in respect of upstream and downstream information, industry-university-research cooperation information, intellectual property rights, etc. It has established an industrial alliance platform with more than 10 universities and research institutes. Besides, it has communicated with nearly 30 high-end talents from the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology.


Mr. Bai Yan – Chairman

Mr. Bai Yan was born in Bayannaoer City in 1985. He graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2009 with a master’s degree. He is a Ph.D. student at China University of Geosciences. He has extensive management and practical experience. He has worked in Inner Mongolia Mining International Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Geology Mine. (International) General Manager of Canada Mining Co., Ltd., Executive Director of Inner Mongolia Mining Asset Management Co., Ltd., General Manager of Inner Mongolia Mengdong Resources Investment Development Co., Ltd., and General Manager of Shanghai Hengjian Investment Management Co., Ltd. He is currently the president of the group company.

Mr. Zhang Rui – Board of Director

Mr. Zhang Rui was born in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia in 1982. He is the founder of the group company and is currently the chairman of the group company and the vice chairman of the Inner Mongolia Nuclear Society. In the year, the young team began to work hard, and it has become a comprehensive high-quality enterprise group with resources, technology and finance as its main business. In 2019, the group officially took a solid step in overseas expansion. Under the leadership of General Zhang, the Group will continue to move steadily toward the goal of an international large-scale industrial group.

Resources and new materials – It has 2 world-class high-quality graphite resources with 470 million tons of graphite resources, 1 national large-scale gold mine, 1 large-scale nonferrous metal base, 2 fluorite strategic-resource bases, 28 mining rights with more than RMB 20 billion of estimated value, and 2,000 square kilometers of centralized exploration area. It has been conferred “China Top 10 Geological Prospecting Achievement Prize”.

Science and technology – It has established the Inner Mongolia Graphene Application Research Institute, and the Inner Mongolia Energy Storage Technology Research Center, and it has launched the graphite powder material production line with a capacity of 5,000 tons/year.

Modern agriculture and food – It has established Inner Mongolia Pusu Food Co., Ltd. and held the first national vegetarian expert seminar.

Environmental protection – It has built Northern China Monitoring Super-station and Sand & Dust Weather Monitoring Station, and been franchised the exclusively regional distributor of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Business in Myanmar – Kincaid Industrial Group actively undertakes the social responsibilities, takes initiative in participating in Myanmar’s economic and cultural development. For instance, it has donated MMK 200 million to communities in Myanmar to make contribution to their economic and cultural development.

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