Kincaid Group places great importance to the development of environmental protection and is committed to fulfill its social responsibility to protect mother nature.

In 2015, Kincaid Industrial Group established an environmental protection company with 10 million capital to provide customers with integrated sales and related technical consulting services for environmentally-friendly online monitoring equipment and accurate analysis and data. Since its establishment, the business has grown steadily and has rooted in the Hubao area and surrounding markets to offer smart energy and industrial structure. It has been highly recognized by customers and environmentalists.

Kincaid Industrial Group partners with the world’s scientific service leader, Thermo Fisher Scientific in Massachusetts, USA, which generates cumulative annual sales of $20 billion USD.

Kincaid Industrial Group combines both environmental protection sector and financial sector to facilitate projects involving reputable equipment manufacturers, design institutes, research institutes, and finance at home and abroad. The organization has established a strategic partnership to jointly promote industrial research in energy conservation, environmental protection, clean production, environmental management, etc. Kincaid Industrial Group is committed to providing customers with superior and economical environmental protection with more efficient, economical and energy-saving environmental technology solutions.

The environmental protection industry is an integral component of a sustainable economy. By reducing environmental pollution and increasing mindfulness in the ecological environment, we can promote a more organic and natural process for technological development, product production, commercial circulation, resource utilization, information services, project contracting, nature conservation and development activities. A strategic interdisciplinary approach, pertains industries, fields, and regions. What scholar describes as a “sunrise industry” is essential to continual global economic development. With the release of China’s new Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry Development Plan, further clarified to the world the necessity to accelerate the promotion of green development. Under the guidance of the ecological civilization system reform policy, Kincaid Industrial Group continues to strengthen the core competitiveness of the environmental protection sector by vigorously promoting industrial technology advancement and upgrading, striving to build a whole industrial chain integrating planning, consulting, investment, management, governance and operation.

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