Kincaid Industrial Group’s financial sector focuses on capital diversification and extensive platform through consolidating the group’s industrial layout in the fields of resources, technology, environmental protection, agriculture, and commodity trading, by focusing on providing financial leasing, commercial factoring, and supply chains. Kincaid relies confidently on its team of talents and experts to manage equity investment funds, securities investment funds, special asset operations and other financial products and services in order to enhance customer resources. We form strategic alliances among all core businesses within Kincaid to leverage our knowledge and presence in various fields. By sharing resources, we produce a positive synergic pattern in both finance and industry.

In equity investment, Kincaid Group prioritizes high-yielding emerging manufacturing, new energy, and new material areas. It has successively invested in Baotou Damaoqi Aerospace Risheng Wind Power Project, and Ulanchabu City Chayouqianqi Aerospace Risheng Wind Power. The group also initiated the establishment of the Inner Mongolia Graphene Industry Fund with a total scale of 1 billion yuan, the Fluorite M & A fund with a total scale of 1 billion yuan, and the Fluorine Material Industry Fund with a total scale of 1 billion yuan. Through active and independent equity investment, the financial sector will subsequently initiate industrial mergers and acquisitions fund business to reserve high-quality resources for the Group’s business expansion.

In the area of special asset investment, Kincaid Group’s financial sector joint force with local AMC Anhui Guohou, Shanxi Jinyang, and Inner Mongolia Gold Assets to participate in the mixed reform business of Oriental Bohai, which is a subsidiary of the state-owned Oriental Assets. Oriental Bohai Asset Management Co., Ltd. holds other types of private equity fund licenses such as non-performing asset operation experiences, a vibrant market customer-based, and accumulated asset under management over 1.3 billion yuan. The financial sector of Kincaid’s group makes full use of Oriental Bohai’s shareholder background and comprehensive advantages. It plans to total assets under management in 3 years to exceed 20 billion yuan by focusing on non-ferrous metals such as gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc and other non-metallic fields such as graphite and fluorite. M & A, restructuring, fixed increase, and backdoor listing. These progresses will jointly shape and build up a professional brand image in the domestic special asset investment field.

Credit Sector

Kincaid Industrial Group work alongside with the Inner Mongolia Credit Promotion Association and the Development and Reform Commission coordinate with experts and stakeholders to jointly established Inner Mongolia social credit big data service platform. By providing a wide range of credit services, we were able to financially empower various Inner Mongolia’s economy and society.

Inner Mongolia Social Credit Big Data Service Platform

Inner Mongolia social credit big data service platform was built by cloud computing technology and blockchain technology. It is currently the largest, most comprehensive and open credit data service platform within Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The platform provides high-quality data services for policy makers, credit information service agencies, industry associations, enterprises and individuals. It strengthens the two-way cooperation channels for both supply-side and demand-side users.

Social credit service

Relying on Inner Mongolia’s social credit big data service platform, Kincaid Industrial Group credit sector focuses on corporate credit rating, business credit, personal credit, big data credit services, loan rating, bond rating, securities rating, insurance rating, accounts receivable management, non-performing asset management, credit management consulting, credit training, internet financial credit and other product cultivation and promotion. Our credit services span across the fields of talent, technology, capital, evaluation, and finance.

In commodity supply chain finance, the group’s financial sector teamed up with central enterprises and listed companies to work with Inner Mongolia local state-owned enterprises to build the Mengdong logistics base and the China-Europe railway train base, focusing on promoting iron ore, non-ferrous metals, steel, coal, chemicals, corn, etc. Commodity trade supply chain finance, business network has covered the Northeast, North and East China regional markets, with 12 branches and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Chengdu, Kunming and other places.

The group provides customers with full-process service support and solutions in the whole supply chain of commodities, innovate the business model of commodities and create a specialized supply chain integrated service platform that allows manufacturing, distribution, service, and financial industries to deeply integrate.

In international business, the financial sector adheres to the global vision and has deployed its asynchronous dual layout to engage countries both financially, and industrially by the “Belt and Road” principle. At this stage, the financial sector uses Singapore as an overseas business platform for offshore trade and cross-border finance, focusing on promoting the Group’s mineral resources exploration, development, and trade in Myanmar, and focusing on promoting financial services to apply for third-party payment licenses and online in Myanmar. Insurance licenses, while docking with international capital markets, prepare the Group’s overseas assets for subsequent overseas listings.