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Kincaid Group controls more than 130 rights of exploration and mining at locally and overseas. With its presence in an exploration area of more than 5,500 square kilometers. Minerals pertaining its business are not limited to gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, fluorite, rare-earth and graphite. It possesses the largest reserve of the most leading quality of flake graphite ore in the world, 7.03 million tons of reserves, and its daily ore processing capacity is 7,000 tons. Kincaid Group also possesses 110 tons of gold, 1,400 tons of silver, and more than 1 million tons of lead and zinc.

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Exploration & Development

Kincaid owns world-class high-quality large-scale crystalline graphite in Alexa Zuoqi, Inner Mongolia Mine. In November 2015, the Ministry of Land and Resources of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region reported that the reserve of resources was 128.931 million tons, and the number of minerals was 7.0291 million Tons, with an average grade of 5.45%.

Mine is one of the few graphite resources in the world that can be further processed in the entire graphite industrial chain. Kincaid also owns the largest single ore body graphite mine in Asia-Gaoletu Graphite Mine, Wulate Zhongqi, Inner Mongolia. In February, the Ministry of Land and Resources of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region reported that the reserve of resources was 3,159,571,000 tons, and the number of minerals was 15,808,800 tons, an averaged amount of 5.00%.
Graphite resources are researched and manufactured in a variety of fields such as expandable graphite, spherical graphite, and graphene composite materials.

Technology provides a high-quality material foundation and also provides an immeasurable deal for the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.



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Urad Middle Banner Galer Graphite Mine

Asia’s largest single crystalline graphite mine

Alashan Zuoqi Chahanmu Hulu Graphite Mine

Asia’s largest single crystalline graphite mine

Duolun Shunda fluorite resource

2 million tonnes of reserve and an annual output of 100,000 tonnes of fluorite fine powder. Prosepected controlled reserve of 20 million tons

The Changshengqu Gold Mine

State-level large-scale gold mine with nearly 25 tonnes of reserve

Industrial Minerals Commodities Trade

Kincaid Industrial Group and our strategic partners rely on industry expert traders and big data analysts to capture market trends and trade patterns. By studying institutional customer preferences through advanced algorithms, our team formulates reliable trading strategies for an assortment of bulk density minerals commodities transactions such as lead, zinc, silver, precious metals and fluorite.

These practices allow us to provide our investors with the most resilient product even amidst an unpredictable and volatile market. Kincaid Industrial Group consistently instills confidence through establishing a stable value chain and modern trade channel by diversifying and informatization its finances.

It adopts a market-based operation model, who introduces funds through multiple channels, leads resource M & A, and develops capital source fund business, vigorously develop resource exploration, development investment, operation, and maintenance, and build an integrated system of the modern energy industry. Kincaid Industrial Group launches strategic deployment of commodities, and uses professional financial team to realize commodity trading product investment and quantitative hedging investment, control the market development trend, and realize the stable, rapid and healthy development.

It focuses on the secondary market investment and asset securitization business to achieve resource capital to establish a long-term mechanism for effective financial service entities, and build an integrated strategic platform with domestic market competitiveness.