Community & Human Rights

Community Service

Kincaid Industrial Group upholds human rights standard in all level of the organization and exert great effort to ensure that all clients and stakeholders are treated in a respectful manner. We hire local workers, and trade fairly in order to support the local community. We operate with integrity and invest in improving local infrastructure and offering social benefits. Our goal is to create social values aside from economic ones. We constantly invest in local business development, building schools, improving medical standards and other infrastructure construction.

Kincaid Industrial Group carefully preserves local custom and fulfill social responsibilities so every project and investment ensure the long-term benefits of each community. We sponsor and respect the local culture by hiring locals, supporting local traditional activities, caring for local impoverished groups. We also support local education, purchase local goods and services, Kincaid Industrial Group works to combat against unemployment, promote local economic and social development, and create lasting benefits.

In 2018, we donated 200 million kyats to the Myanmar community donated nearly a million dollars of large-scale laboratory equipment. We also initiated the following programs internationally.

  • Access to Clean Water Program
  • Active Lifestyle and Health Education for Seniors with Malnutrition
  • Financial Small Grant Sponsorship for Low-income family
  • Education Sponsorship Program