We as inhabitant of this beautiful planet have the responsibility to live harmoniously with our environment. As a resource company, we benefit from various natural resources and assets and we prioritize sustainable interaction with the environment and we actively participate in environmental protection. We thoughtfully seek elite design and engineering partners to construct mines and sustainable architecture. To build an environment-friendly enterprise, we take practical actions to produce green mines, transport efficiently, and rebuild natural environment. With equipment manufacturers, design institutes, research institutes, and finance at home and abroad, we form strategic partnership to promote energy conservation, environmental protection and clean production. Industrial research dedicates to more efficient and economical method to produce more energy-efficient environmental technology solutions to benefit customers with superior and economical alternatives. We focus on four aspects of environmental protection business such as water resources management, land management, waste gas management, and waste management.


Water is a shared limited resource. Kincaid Industrial Group are committed to protecting water sources.
We develop advanced equipment to reuse water resources and turn waste into consumable water source.
We also help underdeveloped communities to have access to clean water resources by building wells and filtration plant.


Kincaid Industrial Group works with city planners to develop and revitalize lands to best strategize their usage so it can be most beneficial to each city’s economy and long-term vision. We regard the post-exploitation land restoration work as one part of the scope of our mining project. We consult specialized experts in land restoration to reduce and remove any additional alterations to the original appearance of the land, and beautify the land to keep and increase their desirability.

Waste Gas Management

We are committed to minimizing the impact of air emissions on the environment and local communities.
To meet with exhaust gas emission standards, we aim to reduce waste gas by optimizing product processes and equipment, adopted advanced dust removal and exhaust gas purification equipment, reduced energy and raw material consumption, and recycled harmful materials. 
We constantly monitor the air emissions from our production activities and strive to improve our methods of reducing emissions. Regardless of where we operate, we work with our legal team to comply with relevant regulations regarding exhaust emissions. 
We introspect our operation process and often conduct internal audits, verifications and assessments in order to avoid potential violations.

Waste Management

We strictly follow the relevant international and local requirements to waste management during the production and operation process, and strictly require each project to select raw materials with low harm, low toxicity and minimum waste generation from the source; Kincaid Industrial Group’s research team improves the conversion rate of raw materials and the output rate of products, and maximize the recycling of resources to reduce the generation of waste.
Through properly management of waste, we can reduce the impact on the environment and people, and minimize the risks caused by storing waste.
Our tailings storage facilities are strictly regulated and regularly inspected.
We reuse as much waste rock and other types of mineral waste as possible, such as backfilling mines and building roads.