Corporate REsponsibility


Work Safety Standard

With a high sense of responsibility and a sense of mission, Kincaid Group has put the concept of “safety first, zero casualties” throughout the company’s production and operation.

Safety in production epitomizes the company’s people-oriented approach. By the company’s institutional principles, it guarantees fulfilling the responsibility of production safety with high standards and strict requirements, and gradually formulating and improving a set of long-term mechanisms for production safety. Safety management is our embodiment of high responsibility for the safety and health of all employees. We regard “zero casualties” as the basic goal of safety production and create a healthy and safe working environment for our employees.

4 pillars for work safe

Kincaid Industrial Group focus on prevention and actively promote awareness of safety production risk prevention. In all aspects of production management, we always begin with risk prevention by meticulously planning ahead, and purposefully and consciously prevent the occurrence of risk loss through reviewing comparable projects, organization pattern, permission control and inspection activities eliminating accidents before they bud.

We train and require all workers to take personal duty to perform safety prevention work. By involving and engaging all parties, we were able to educate and improve employees’ safety awareness. By empowering workers to be collaborators of work place safety, we were able to drastically reduce work case incidences.

Kincaid provides various equipment to improve the safety of the production environment, by scientific working methods, advanced production equipment, and efficient production technology.

Kincaid Industrial Group has established safety production management institutions at all levels from top to bottom, and has established a strict safety risk assessment feedback mechanism to conduct safety risk assessments for key personnel in safety production, by conducting regular assessments, and reinforcing strict accordance with the system regulations.
The team prepares a comprehensive safety management system to improve the “Safety Production Assessment Management System” and “Comprehensive Emergency Response Plan for Production Safety Accidents”. Furthermore, we partner with paramilitary, private security with construction teams to safeguard our clients and assets in extreme conditions. 

In order to implement the company’s safety concept, Kincaid Industrial Group actively promote safety awareness for new employees to enhance their resilience and self-protection ability so they are prepared for any emergencies. It is a necessary part of employment entry. We provide regular safety production knowledge and skills training for managers and all employees. In 2018, the company has facilitated more than 100 safety knowledge trainings with a pass rate of 99%.