Our Team

Mr. Hou Junfu
Chief Project Engineer, Deputy Chief Engineer of Overseas Business Department

Mr. Hou Junfu is responsible for the technical management of Kincaid Group’s overseas business. He has been engaged in the exploration and management of gold-copper mines, copper mines, and polymetallic mines for more than 20 years. He once worked in state-owned mining enterprises, large private mining groups, and successively held the positions of chief geologist, general manager, and project leader. He has won the “First Prize of the Sixth Nonferrous Metal Prospecting Award of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association”, “Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Achievement Award, and Shaanxi Nonferrous Metals Group Science and Technology Progress Award.

He routinely managed 4 large-scale copper-gold mines, lead-zinc polymetallic exploration projects, organized investigations, submitted survey reports, passed the review and filing of the land and resources department, and successively carried out geological surveys and surveys in Shaanxi, Fujian, and Tibet Prospecting technology management work, and conducting M & A project screening, inspection and technical demonstration, recommended 12 high-quality projects for the company, of which 1 project has achieved a major prospecting breakthrough and became a world-class copper mine; meanwhile, the development of mineralization laws and prospecting Mine research, participated in the preparation of three research reports, published a total of 25 independent or cooperative papers. He graduated from Northwest University with a master’s degree in resource zoning and management.