Our Team

Mr. Jia Wen
Senior Engineer Professor, Nonferrous Geological Survey Director of Geological Prospecting Division and Deputy Chief Engineer of the Bureau

Mr. Jia Wen is responsible for the technical management of Kincaid Group’s mining projects. For 38 years in the industry, he has been engaged in regional mineral surveys and mineral exploration. He has worked in state-owned geological exploration units and has served as chief engineer and director of the Geological Survey Division. He has presided over several regional mineral geological surveys and mineral exploration projects prepared geological reports and published more than ten papers in top academic journals. He has won the third prize of the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources survey, the excellent map of the China Geological Survey, the first prize of the Ministry of Land and Resources science and technology, the first prize of the China Nonferrous Metal Geology Association. He continues to involve bidding, design, reporting, and evaluation.