Our Team

Mr. Wang Haiyuan
Senior Exploration Geologist

Mr. Wang Haiyuan is responsible for inspiring leadership in the overseas business of Kincaid Industrial Group. He has been engaged in the exploration, approval, construction, operation, investment, and other systems of rare and precious metals and non-ferrous metal minerals for over twenty years. He has worked in state-owned geological exploration units, large private mining groups, and also professional mining. In the past, he had successively held the positions of the chief engineer, general manager of mining, and chief executive officer in an asset investment and management company.

His project experiences and achievements preside over exploration, mining, and heap leaching of a finely disseminated gold deposit in Gansu Province; He also received recognition over the exploration of an altered rock type gold deposit in Gansu Province; the expansion of small gold deposits into large silver-gold polymetallic deposits. His team hosted a BIF-type iron ore resource exploration and mine geological work in Shanxi Province, expanded the small iron deposits to medium-sized deposits, as well as BIF-type iron ore in Shanxi Province, and evaluated the feasibility of two vein-type silver-lead-zinc polymetallic ore projects in Sichuan Province.

His expertise includes skarn-type iron ore resource exploration and mine geological work in Tibet, expanding the iron ore site to a medium-sized zinc-iron deposit; presiding over approval of project options, project design and construction, and project financing for a large gold mine in Gansu Province; He performed more than 300 research and judgments and due diligence on mineral projects in Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Guizhou, Sichuan, Qinghai, Tibet, Mongolia, and other places; hosted more than 50 research and judgment and due diligence on mining projects in Mozambique, South Africa, Mongolia, and the United States; responsible for mining More than 40 exploration rights have been newly established in Shaanxi, Gansu and Inner Mongolia. He graduated from the Chengdu University of Technology, majoring in geological and mineral exploration, and studied in the graduate class of Xi’an University of Science and Technology.