Our Team

Mr. Yan Bai

Mr. Yan Bai became President of Kincaid Industrial Group in April 2018.

With over 10 years of international experience in Greenfield Exploration, Merge & Acquisition, and Resources Capitalization, he has successively held the post of CEO in three of the largest state-owned mining and smelting enterprises, such as the Canadian subsidiary corporation(Vancouver) of Inner Mongolia Geology and Exploration Bureau), the International subsidiary corporation (Hong Kong) of Inner Mongolia Mining Group Ltd., Inner Mongolia Mengdong Resources and Development Ltd., etc.

Mr. Yan Bai has directly been responsible for a cumulative net asset of more than US $ 10 billion in total for the last ten years. Within this period, he has led the construction of an integration project about Coal Mining -Thermal Power Station-Electrolytic Aluminium (Annual capacity of 3 million tons in metal) and organized a number of Greenfield Exploration and M&A projects in Canada, Australia, South Africa, Zambia, and other countries.

He graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and the China University of
Geoscience with Bachelor & Master’s degree in Materials Processing Engineering and a Ph.D. in Structural Geology.