Our Team

Mr. Yao Yongyi
Executive Director

Mr. Yao Yongyi leads Kincaid Group in risk management, auditing, taxation, evaluation, cost consulting, etc. He is primarily responsible for the financial management of overseas operations. He has 11 years of financial management experience in listed companies and had previously worked for listed companies under state-owned enterprises. He held a high position in the industry’s top accounting firms and led a major project leader and deputy general manager.

Mr. Yao once practiced in the nation’s top three accounting firms in the industry, and performed risk control of private equity companies and private equity securities; He is an expert in the full-process of financial management such as financial audits, tax consultations, asset evaluations, departure audits and cost consulting work for several state-owned enterprises and listed companies. Notably, he was assigned to audit a company of over 5 billion yuan.

Mr. Yao Yongyi holds the titles of a certified public accountant, registered tax accountant, registered asset appraiser, real estate appraiser, registered cost engineer, registered supervision engineer, senior engineer, accountant, statistician, real estate economist, etc. He graduated from Inner Mongolia University with a major in computer application.