Our Team

Mr. Zhao Pi Zhong
PhD, Senior Engineer

Mr. Zhao Pi Zhong is responsible for the geochemical exploration and prospecting of Kincaid Group. He has been engaged in mining exploration technology management for 36 years in the industry as a top expert and senior engineer in the industry. He has worked in state-owned geological exploration units, state-owned mining enterprises, and large private mining groups, and has held positions of the chief engineer, technical director, and project manager. He routinely performs comprehensive geophysical and geochemical survey in Zhangxiangongtun area of ​​Jinxi City, Liaoning Province, 1: 200,000 geochemical exploration anomaly verification in southeast Liaoning province, 1: 200,000 geochemical exploration anomaly verification in southeast Liaoning province, and Liaodong aviation magnetic anomaly Verification, General Survey of Hongqi Gold Mine in Fengcheng City, Liaoning Province, General Survey of Wanbao Copper Mine in Kuandian County, Liaoning Province, Geothermal Well Survey in Tiancheng Biological Park, Geothermal Field Survey in Shenbei, Exploration of Taipinggou Molybdenum Deposit in Hulunbeier Arong Banner, Exploration of Yili Molybdenum Deposit in Hulunbeier Olunchun.

He performed management and technical work of Shanglungu lead-zinc mine exploration in Hulunbeier Olunchun Banner, Najihe silver-lead-zinc mine survey in Hulunbeier Olunchun Banner, presided over more than 50 prospecting projects, and found more than 10 large and medium-sized deposits (fields). In 1984, Mr. Zhao Pi Zhong first proposed the Liaoning porphyry mineralization perspective and key verification sites, and also proposed the view of tectonic altered rock type (independent) silver deposits, the view of the existence of large geothermal warming geothermal ore fields in northern Shenyang, and the creation of domestic Using the precedent of aeromagnetic anomaly verification to discover polymetallic ore for the first time, a combination of fast and low-cost exploration methods with heavy sand and dispersed flow-soil and simple analysis, and high-density geochemical exploration methods in forest landscape areas were established. He graduated from China University of Geosciences and Jilin University with a Ph.D. degree in geochemistry.