Our Team

Mr. Zhao Zhihong
Senior Chief Engineer of Inner Mongolia Nonferrous Metals Prospecting Company

Mr. Zhao Zhihong is responsible for the geophysical exploration and prospecting of Kincaid Group. For 36 years in the industry, he has been engaged in the geophysical exploration of rare, precious, and non-ferrous metal minerals by electrical methods, magnetic methods, and gravity. He has worked in state-owned geological exploration units, state-owned mining enterprises, and large private mining companies. He has successively held the positions of the chief engineer, deputy general manager, and project leader.

He has won the “First Prize of Provincial Ministry of Land and Resources Prospecting Merit”, “Guangdong Province “Mining Bureau’s Prospecting Merit Award” and other awards. His experience includes the exploration of the Sipingshanyan gold deposit in Raohe County, Heilongjiang Province, with a proven reserve of more than 30 tons; hosted the exploration of subgrade karst caves in the northern part of the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway in Guangdong, the geophysical prospecting in the resettlement area of ​​Yangchun City, Geophysical survey of Xiyun and Dongsan Station Ping of Baiyun Airport. He performed four deputies of 1: 50,000 regional mineral geological survey, Xilin Golle League, Inner Mongolia, etc., geophysical exploration special work for key basic geological research in the copper polymetallic minerals survey area in the middle section of Daxinganling, Inner Mongolia; chaired Inner Mongolia Pilot research work on geophysical prospecting methods in Zhalagoamu copper polymetallic mining area in Xilinhot, CSAMT and AMT geophysical exploration work in Dashizhai zinc polymetallic deposit in Keyouqian Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Mr. Zhao Zhihong has won numerous awards: the electrical work of Gudoushan Hot Springs Exploration in Xinhui City, the project won the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources Meritorious Merit Award; Qingyuan Beijiang Third Bridge Project Site Comprehensive Geophysical Prospecting, the project won the Guangdong Provincial Geological Survey The first prize of the Bureau’s excellent engineering survey; the geophysical logging of the Normankant large coalfield in Xinbaarhuzuoqi, Hulunbeier City, Inner Mongolia. The coalfield has identified reserves of 20.8 billion tons and won the first prize of the Ministry of Land and Resources for prospecting merit. He has graduated from Jilin University, majoring in physical exploration.